Ideas on How to Hang Your Metal Wall Art

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Metal wall art offers an excellent way of decorating a room. While most homeowners and interior designers rely on standard pieces of decors such as paintings, printed texts, and canvas-based pictures, metal wall art offers a stand-alone and eye-catching character. Whether you're a skilled designer or not, one can never go wrong with metal décor. Another advantage and perhaps the most important for DIYers is that you can effortlessly mount or install them on the intended surface.

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The metal art décor available in consumer markets is made from different types of metals. Whereas you can choose to purchase an iron, brass, copper, or aluminum décor, those crafted from American steel offer more durable alternatives. The upside of integrating these decorative metal elements to your overall design is that they offer high-level durability and strength, which makes them ideal for accentuating both the interior and the exterior surroundings of the home.

Installing your piece of steel wall art is another task that requires carefulness to have a clean set-up. Consumers can choose from a large selection of hanging hardware for mounting. Below is a guide on some ideas on how to hang a metal wall art.

1. Magnetic Hanging Hardware

An advantage of using magnetic hanging tools is that they help users to achieve a clean and discrete mounting. The magnets feature a triple coat polish to ensure improved longevity and abrasion-resistance. Each magnet is designed as a disk and powerful enough to handle over 25 pounds of metal weight. The countersunk holes at the center allow you to effortlessly and discretely secure the magnets on the surface. You can use them for any piece of steel wall art. Use magnet hangers to decorate the outer walls around the patio or to mount your metal art piece on the hallway.

2. Velcro Hanging Strips

One of the heart-breaking aspects of placing your metal wall art is to ruin the wall by making drill holes or marks on the surface. Velcro Hanging Strips prevent any damages or sticky residues on the drywalls. Made using Velcro, these wall-art hanging products will ensure damage-free adherence. Consumers can use them to securely hang any pieces of metal décor and medals on varied surfaces. The kitchen forms an integral part of the house worth a "cool" factor. Hanging your artistically-crafted metal piece using Velcro hanging strips, whether it is on the wall tiles or other wooden surfaces.

3. Clutter-Free Hanging Wire

The invisible hanging string is an excellent and creative idea of suspending metal decorations. The thin wire is made using long-lasting nylon and can barely be detected by uninitiated individuals, regardless of the wall or backdrop color you use. It creates the illusion that the art décor is floating in the air, which makes it a perfect option for use on ceilings, walls, moldings, and many more. The mounting rope is not only affordable but can overcome a suspension weight of between 15 to 50 pounds. That's a significant weight-handling capacity, considering a typical art décor weighs much less.

Instead, you can use integrated D-hooks both on the right and left sides of the metal art piece. The hooks provide an opening where you can tie the string and suspend the art on a screw or nail. For an overhanging décor, D-rings can be created on several sides to allow it to suspend evenly from the ceiling without any detection of the rope.

4. Nails

The use of nails to install decorative pieces of art on walls has been a common practice since time immemorial. The pin is hammered into the mounting wall to provide a support point used to rest the art piece. They may not offer the degree of discretion as magnet hangers, but the hanging process is quite easy. To place the wall art, find the point(s) where you can hang it straight then firmly secure it by using double-sided adhesive tape.

Steel nails can be used to hang your steel wall art on different areas inside the home, ranging from the living room, bathroom, doors, or staircase-bordering walls. Except for the bathroom, your medal display hanger may also fit well in these areas to showcase the pendants of your achievements.

5. Screws

Screws work similarly to nails but provide a secure and affordable means of placing your pieces of metal decorations outside the house. However, you'll require a powered screw-driving machine or the typical hand-held driver to drill in the screws. Your outdoor steel wall art will look discretely installed and will remain firmly hinged for a lifetime. Whereas you may choose to make holes directly into the exterior walls, you can also make holes through the piece, which provides equally firm installation. With screws, you can mount a 3D, metal monogram of your pet's name on the outdoor kernel, or hang that magnificent metal representation of your residence's name on the tree at the entrance.

6. Wreath Hanging Hardware


Designed with a square-shaped hook on one end and a gently curving loop on the other, wreath steel hangers offer a hassle-free and affordable wall-art mounting product. Whatever your style or preferred design is for interior or outside decor, you can never go wrong with wreath hangers—even with the heaviest of metal wall arts. Combining your metal decor in a wreath on a front door is a perfect way to make your home feel welcoming to you and your guests.

7. Standoff Hardware


A standoff is a metal structure attached to the back of the metal wall décor. It serves two primary purposes: securing the piece into the mounting hardware and projecting the art from the wall. The latter provides an appealing 3D design that adds to the uniqueness of your metal art. If you'd like to install the artwork without drilling through it or its visual integrity, standoff hardware is the best option. There are different kinds of these hangers available in markets. They include standoff sawtooth, standoff keyhole, and standoff knuckle-shaped hanger. You can transform your bathroom setting by using standoff hanging products to display your steel wall art. 


Even if you don’t have the knack for interior design the versatility of metal wall art allows anyone to add style and class to indoor or outdoor decor. There are limitless ideas of hanging your metal wall art. It all narrows down to your creativity and ingenuity to find the perfect spot to mount the piece. Please let us know some other creative ways of hanging metal art pieces or areas you can hang them within the home by leaving your comments below. Join our community for other great American gift ideas and helpful articles.

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