Medal Displays Help Motivate Your Kid to Become Successful

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Handcrafted Medal Display Hangers for Your Kid’s Confidence. 

Medals play a significant role in shaping how kids approach various challenges and passions. A medal is a sign of honor and appreciation that showcases one's talents or expertise in a given area. It could be a sport like swimming, softball, basketball, archery, and volleyball, among others. The medallion could also be for performing arts like dance and cheer competition or even for academic excellence in a given topic.

Medals can motivate your kids to work harder and achieve even more significant accomplishments in their lives and hobbies. It also preserves your story of success and can be used to exhibit your talents when visitors come to your house proudly. As such, medals are valuable objects that belong in a beautiful display that preserves and showcases them to anyone who comes across it.

If you have kids, it is recommendable that you purchase a medal display hanger where they can show off their accomplishments. There are numerous medal display ideas available in the market ranging from medal displays for runners to archery, swimming and wrestling medal display. However, with so many medal display options on the market, how do you determine that you get the right choice to commemorate your child’s achievements?

Advantages of Purchasing A Medal Display

Medals should be proudly displayed for everyone to see. These are achievements only the best performers get, so why hide them in dusty drawers? A medal display provides a convenient way to display, preserve and store all the medallions your child has garnered, whether from sport or other activities. Some of the benefits of purchasing a medal display for your kid include:

a. Motivation and confidence

Your child's medal should be respected for it to have meaning. If the medallion ends up together with other pre-school recognitions somewhere in a box that no longer interests them, it will have lost its meaning.

On the other hand, hanging the medals and bibs in a neat display will show your kid that you are proud of their accomplishments and motivate them to perform better and achieve higher accolades. It instills confidence in whatever they are doing and constantly reminds them of their unique abilities. An empty medal display will motivate the kid and the whole family to fill it up with medals. It also encourages your child to improve and reach for higher greatness.

b. It Shows That You Care

Filling the medal display with achievements is no one-person's task. Your kid relies on support from family and friends to help them achieve what they have set out to accomplish. If your child loves to race, medal displays for runners present the best option, but you can always customize the presentation as much as you want. Purchasing a medal display shows your child that you care about their interests and support them in whatever they are doing. It also shows that you believe they can achieve medals and become successful in their passions. Since you know your child best, finding a display that sparks their interest shouldn't be a daunting task.

c. Preserves your child’s achievements

A medal display remains secured to their location and can offer a lifetime of service. Your child can proudly display their accomplishments for ages and leave it for generations to come. The best medal displays feature sturdy steel that can last several lifetimes without any significant change. A medal display provides a durable aesthetic unit where you can safely store and preserve your kid's medals. Various design options can hold several medals, so space is not an issue. What’s more, once installed in place, the medal display is perfect for visual appeal and appreciation. It only requires occasional dusting.

d. Reinforces Family Bond

A medal display is something to be purchased at the beginning of your child's career or interest in a particular sport. An example of an excellent time to buy a medal display is when your child is excelling in dance classes and is soon to enter a competition where medals are awarded. Medal displays immediately show the child that you are fully dedicated to seeing them succeed in the activity and win as many medals as possible. It reinforces the family bond and unites everyone to support the interests and passions of your child.

Other Benefits

There are several other minor benefits of purchasing a medal display for your child. Displays can decorate your child’s room or even become the center of attraction in your home. Their attention-grabbing nature will draw most people who will appreciate the hard work your child is putting in school or their favorite sport. You can find designs with space economy and added features for aesthetic purposes. However, it is essential that you carefully review any medal display and ensure it meets your unique needs. The best medal displays should be able to accommodate all your child’s medallions and keep them organized in an aesthetic fashion that everyone can admire and appreciate. A medal display, especially those that are handcrafted, will also teach your kid to value creativity and local economy products.

The Best Medal Displays to Buy

As aforementioned, there are several types of medal displays available in the market, including a surplus of cheap quality mass-produced products. This can make finding the best medal display quite daunting. As such, it is important to compare your offers and pick a medal display that can fit in your space and complement your child's room. It should also suit their style and interests. No one-fit-for-all exists in the world of medal displays hangers. It all boils down to what you need. For instance, if your child is into swimming, there is no need ordering a display that boldly illustrates it should hold baseball medals. When looking for medal displays, the popular options you can purchase for your kid’s medallions fall into three main categories as follows:

1. Sports Medal Displays

Sports medal displays are by far the most common options you will come across in your search. This is because a medal always rewards excellence in a sporting activity. Whether your child is a swimmer or prefers martial arts, you can find unique medal displays made for that sport. These usually feature an avatar or icon that clearly illustrates what that medal section is all about. For instance, a basketball medal display may feature a ball, the basket, an avatar of a basketball player, or even household tournament names when you customize them to your liking. It all depends on your personal preferences. You can find wrestling medal display, runners’ medal display, archery, volleyball, Jiu-Jitsu, bowling, softball and virtually any other sporting activity. These are a great way to inspire your child to perform better and become iconic players in whatever sporting activity they pursue.

2. Motivational Medal Displays

Not every child has interests in sporting and medals can be awarded for success in various activities other than sport. This includes academic excellence, music and performing arts, writing, debates, leadership and several others. When you want to reward and motivate your child for their accomplishments in different areas, motivational medal displays offer the best solution. Several motivational medal display hangers can inspire your child to become successful and develop confidence in their pursuits. Some of the popular best sellers include "This Girl Is On Fire” and “May The Force Be With You” medal displays. You can find displays with motivational quotes that will push your child to aspire for greatness in the things they find interesting.

3. Fully customized medal displays

Customized medal displays are the premium option if you want to include personal elements that will make the display unique to your child. If you wish to add your child's name, birthday, or the dates they won each medallion, display designers can help you achieve a significant level of customization. It is essential to envision how the display will appear and fit in your space. You can also determine the material, color and design elements used for the display.

Hallmarks of Best Medal Displays

There is no single best medal display for every kid. Considering all the different types of medallions awarded today, every child has unique requirements and preferences. However, various attributes can be used to distinguish reliable quality medal displays from the rest. The two essential areas to review when choosing a medal display for your kid include:

a. Material and Durability

The best medal displays are those that can last a lifetime of service with minimal cleaning and maintenance. Your goal should be to find exquisite and timeless designs that will live for future generations to behold. The best medal displays are made using 18-gauge steel that normally lasts 30+ years in a busy kitchen sink. For a medal display, you can be sure they will last several lifetimes. Make sure you pick individually crafted medal displays as they can last for generations to come. You should make sure the frame and construction are sturdy. Additional elements such as polish and markings should also reflect quality and durability.

b. Display Capacity

Medal displays come in varying holding capacities. Some displays can only hold a couple of medallions while others accommodate both medals and bibs. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose high-capacity displays that can keep several medals in one hook. A great example is "This Girl Is On Fire” motivational medal display that has 11 18-gauge steel hooks that can hold five medals per hook. Each hook is almost 2 inches long and spaced farther apart for an aesthetic organization.

Why Handcrafted Medal Displays Are the Best Options

Besides durability and capacity, style is the next crucial aspect to review before purchasing a medal display. There are several ingenious designs available and you can also add your unique touch to customize the final product. However, handcrafted medal displays remain the ultimate choice if you are looking for high-quality, visually appealing medal displays. Handcrafted products are unlike any machine-finished alternative and are usually highly revered by kids and adults alike. Some of the reasons you should consider handcrafted medal displays include:

1. Originality

Whether the design is fully customized or inspired by the one that crafts it, all handcrafted medal displays reflect original ideas. Unlike manufactured products that can be replicated, handcrafted displays are unique and it is highly unlikely that the designer can replicate every detail in another project. There are subtle touches inspired by the moment and you can take advantage of different textures, patterns, and finishes to make your display as unique as possible.

2. Unlocks Your Creativity

Handcrafted products are unique products from the skill and experience of the designer. By purchasing handcrafted displays, you are giving an artist the chance to express their talent. It also allows you to embrace creativity and find inspiration to customize the medal display. What's more, human talent is self-expression and handcrafted displays will give you the chance to share in the creative spirit of other artists.

3. High-Quality Products

Artisans tend to handpick their materials and prefer high-quality raw supplies for their projects. As such, handcrafted medal displays characterize better quality and reliability than machine-finished alternatives. Most manufactured displays are mass-produced and reflect the cheap quality materials manufacturers prefer to use because of their lower production costs. With handcrafted products, you can be sure the quality is among the best in the industry.

4. Easy customization

Customization is one of the critical benefits of handcrafted products. American artisans work to design plenty of options and customization to meet almost any need. This makes it possible to be involved in adding your unique touches to the piece and have that special meaning you seek Purchasing a unique medal display that no other child has is one way to show your kid they are unique and deserve better for their success.

5. Each Product Has a Unique Story behind It

Handcrafted products carry a sense of emotional attachment as the artisan put in their best to deliver the customer’s requirements. Since each design element is a deliberate decision by the artisan, the medal display will reflect a unique story to tie it to the era it was crafted. Purchasing handcrafted medal displays is also a way to support the local economy and an eco-friendly alternative to manufactured products.


A medal display can increase the family bond and inspire an emotional reaction in a positive light. As experts in child psychology will have you understand, medals already have their intrinsic benefits. They can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation to keep up the great performance or ascend to higher standards. With the right display, you can safely pack your child’s medal accomplishments and display them flamboyantly for everyone to appreciate. A medal display will also motivate the whole family to come together and support the child to achieve more medallions in their exploits. Nonetheless, you need to find high-quality handcrafted medal displays from reliable artisans and retailers. It makes no sense if it is of cheap quality. Make sure you review your offers carefully before the final decision.

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