Top 14 Reasons Why You Should Buy Handcrafted American Gifts

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The handmade movement has enabled artisans from the United States to make their creations accessible to consumers worldwide. In this information age characterized by online shopping, you can purchase your American handcrafted gift from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, the availability of affordable shipping options encourages consumers to have their gifts sent directly to their homes. Direct shipping is relatively cheaper, making handcrafted gifts a viable option for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays.

The experience you get from a handcrafted gift is much more than any other kind of gift. It feels so special. Many surprising benefits of handcrafted gifts makes them a smart choice and a very valuable alternative, better than shopping mainstream.

Below are ten compelling reasons why you should buy an American handcrafted gift.

Appreciating Originality

Every handcrafted purchase is an original idea that has been crafted by skilled and creative crafters. Unlike manufactured items, handcrafted gifts are difficult to replicate as each piece comes with its intricacy. Even when you purchase products made of the same style, you will have various levels of variations in shape, texture, and color among others. These variations result due to the personal touches added during the design and crafting processes. Artists impart each of their pieces with their personalities. This emphasizes the charm of handcrafts and enables each creation to be a true work of art. We all want to give our loved ones original gifts.

Feel-Good Factor

The personal and intimate shopping experience that you get from an American handcrafted gift purchase is one special feeling that no big box store can match. By helping an artist to fulfill their dream, you experience a feeling a sense of self-worth and value. It is a pleasure to know that your purchase has a special effect on another person’s life. Art is their livelihood, and they support their families with it. The good feeling of buying American handcrafted gifts is unbeatable.

Embracing Creativity

Deep inside each of us, there is an innate spirit of the desire to create. Creativity allows us to express our imagination and individualism through art. An artist’s enthusiasm, commitment, and passion are guided by this creative spark as they express themselves and fulfill an essential contemporary societal need. Just as makers strive to express themselves through art, we should embrace the value of creative spirit. Moreover, we need to encourage human talent and self-expression.

Exceptional Quality

American handcrafted gifts will give you outstanding quality for your money as they are touched and shaped by humans rather than machines. You should note that mass-produced products are usually made as inexpensive as possible as companies try to lower production costs to maximize their profits.

On the other hand, artisans create their items using the highest quality material and ingredients they can find. They locally source and handpick them. Artists spend quality time to perfect every piece as they pay great attention to detail to produce the highest quality item they can manage. Therefore, you cannot compare a handcrafted item to that which rolls-off the assembly line.

Keeping Tradition Alive

There is a special feeling you can get by visibly seeing and feeling the dedication and commitment that an artist had while making any handcrafted treasure. Such techniques are deeply rooted in our history, from the days when craftsmanship and quality dominated art.

In this modern era, these precious techniques have been replaced by conveniences and shortcuts to maximize profits. Embracing craftsmanship makes you stay true to the tradition as you keep time-honored skills alive.

Maybe this may sound like an altruistic reason; however, when you support a local artisan, you are indirectly supporting the craftsmanship they practice. When you support traditional craftsmanship, such as metalwork and woodwork, as well as screen printing for shirts or socks or sublimation printing for welcome mats, you help artisans pass traditional skills to the next and future generation. This keeps art alive.

Withstands the Test of Time

Can you remember the days when you purchased an item and it lasted for long? Most handcrafted gifts are made to last for the longest time possible. Since the maker handpicks and selects the best quality material they can find, they are likely to withstand the time. You are likely to keep your handcrafted gift for a very long time.

Easy Customization

With handcrafted products, you have the freedom and unique opportunity to give your loved one a truly customized gift during a special occasion. Artisans love to work with their clients as they are ready to listen to their customers and incorporate various custom requests to improve the quality of the item. You can be involved in the design process as you can choose your favorite colors or personalized name for your design. Other than that, the artisan can tailor-make the piece to meet your specific needs. Therefore, do not waste your quality time looking for the best gift; instead, save your time by giving a custom-designed expression from the bottom of your heart.

Each Product has a Story behind It

Each American handcrafted item has a story behind it. Each handcrafted gift shop and the artisan who created the item put much effort into making unique pieces, which are beautifully crafted, just for you. They make deliberate decisions when they put a specific color in a welcome mat or metalwork. Help an artisan preserve a story for the next generation!

Supporting Local Economy

Did you know that you invest money back into your community when you support local artisans? This is crucial in today’s economy. By buying handcrafted items, you support an individual who may be having a small room set aside in their home or a small craft studio to pursue a trade that they truly love. The maker is usually the individual who is responsible for almost all the processes involving the item. Some craft, package, market, sell and offer customer services by themselves.

Artists invest a lot of time and resources in each piece they produce; hence, your support means a lot to them—it is more than just monetary gain. When you buy an American handcrafted item, you indirectly complement the artisan for their exceptional work, encouraging them to keep on following their artistry dreams.


Handcraft means that the piece is profoundly made by human hands. Little or no machinery is involved. Hence, handmade items conserve energy as they reduce the need to involve large production facilities. As a result, handcrafting eliminates any build of waste and chemicals.

Everyone who loves green will be happy buying handmade products as they make an effort to pioneer a sustainable future. Handmade items use green processes, and makers strive to adopt the best practices for their packaging.

Also, your chances of finding recycled repurposed and reclaimed materials are high as artisans use them to make their items. Therefore, handcraft is a valuable choice for anyone seeking to purchase goods that are made in an eco-friendly manner.

Connection to the Maker

Shopping handcrafted items means that you can make a lasting connection with real people. When you buy a handmade item, you create a relationship with the maker and appreciate the maker’s good work. Moreover, you get the opportunity to know the personal story behind each of the artist’s pieces; including how and why they created the art. You can engage in a one-on-one conversation with the artisan and share with them the specific reasons why you chose to purchase their work. As a result, you form a strong social connection, which makes you take purchasing handmade gifts an intimate process.

Buying Handcrafted Gifts Shows You Care

Imagine you buy your friend a commercially produced birthday gift only to arrive at the occasion and find them wearing a similar item. It is disappointing, isn’t it? If you care for someone you love, avoid buying commercially produced gifts for them—make their day more special by giving them a unique gift. The only way to do so is to buy an American handcrafted gift. By purchasing handmade and personalized chopping board, welcome mat, or metal wall decor for your friend, you show that you took your quality time to research what they like and would love owning. You also show that you care by treating them to something that no other person would. The most interesting thing is that you are highly likely to spend less money than what you could have spent buying commercially produced gifts.

Handcrafted Pieces are Quirky and are on Trend

Independent crafters and makers often trend as compared to the designers of commercially produced gifts. The former can risk to experiment and make sample pieces to check whether they will gain interest or not. Independent designers spot a trend quickly and create a perfect collection inspired by the trend. On the other hand, it takes a long time and several processes to introduce a new design to a large commercial organization. Therefore, American crafters that make handmade items are far much more flexible than commercial designers are. As a result, their products are trendy and quirky.

Handcraft Means Love

Handcraft is where love, thought and creativity are made alive. Artists have a passion that shines through into their creations. They give individual attention while they make their creations, making each piece they make special. Similarly, a handcrafted gift is emblematic of the way you express your feelings of gratitude and appreciation to your loved one. You can understand how the essence of love that the artisan instills is transferred through the act of giving.

It is so fulfilling and memorable to buy an American handcrafted gift for someone you love. It is a purchase choice that you cannot regret. Handcrafted gifts are created in an environment of love and sold with integrity and honesty. These gifts can last a lifetime. Your loved ones will appreciate owning a unique and authentic American handcrafted piece of art rather than a common manufactured item that anyone can pick from a retail store.

10 Rules to Giving a Perfect Handcrafted Gift

Don't just give money

Never think of giving money as a gift. When you give money, you are telling the recipient that you did not bother to think about them. You are not buying them!

The Monetary Value of the Gift is Does not Matter

Do not rush to the commercial store to purchase your friend a gift for his special occasion. There is a chance that another person also thought the same as you did. It can be simple and inexpensive (can even have a total monetary value about zero). When you are charming and thoughtful, your handcrafted gift is likely to be very special to the recipient.

The Gift Itself May not Matter

It is not the value of the gift that counts—it is the thought you invested in it that does. When you gift your loved one something that they want, you show how much you care about them. This may be something that once came up in your conversations or an item that you have always seen your loved one browsing or eyeing. What makes it more special is when you give them a handcrafted version of the gift. It will communicate how much you care about them.

Wrap the Gift

It feels good to hear one unwrapping a gift—both the donor and the recipient. Therefore, you should always wrap your American handcrafted gift, even when it is thin or small in a way that it can be easily secured in an envelope. Ensure that you take your time to carefully identify the wrapping paper and the envelope, just as you did when choosing the gift. You should enhance the feel of personalized luxury. This will show the recipient that you took your quality time to prepare the gift and that you value the act of gifting more than the gift itself.

Include a Thoughtful Message with the Gift

You can do this either in a letter or on a card. You have already invested too much time to ruin your gifting by some generic message from a card purchased from a local store. By doing so, you communicate that there is nothing special you can remember or remind them about your previous interactions. Try to compose an intimate message from your heart, preferably in some beautiful, colorful ink. Creating your message will help you bring to mind beautiful moments or strong ties you share. You can also decide to explain your gift or say appreciate them if you do not have much to write. It feels good to read the message before opening the gift.

Timing is Key

Before delivering your gift, ensure that you are both relaxed and happy. You should also ensure that you have plenty of time to slowly unwrap the handcrafted gift to reveal what is inside. For instance, you can take your friend to have a nice meal to give them a gift. Do not make a mistake of giving your gift when you do not have enough time to interact during the gifting—it sabotages the process of gifting.

Surprises are better than Expected

If your gift can come as a surprise, the gifting process will be more special. If you cannot manage to surprise your loved one, you may still make it a little surprise in various ways. For example, you can double wrap the gift or give your friend two gifts at the same time, the first being a sort of decoy.

Getting Started

The current environment is highly influenced by the rapidly changing economic events. Therefore, it is important that you deeply understand how products are created as well as where the makers get their raw materials. You should ignite your desire and appreciation for the American handcrafted gifts and other craft processes. Importantly, handmade gifts are perfect for any occasion—not just for the holidays.

Yes, God gave us a gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. If you have any questions or need help in finding the most appropriate American handcrafted gift for your loved one, do not hesitate to contact us.

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