Handcrafted Scrap Metal Electric Style Guitar Art

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Handcrafted Scrap Metal Guitar Art.

Are you enough of a Rock Star to proudly display this in your home or do you know someone who is?  There is nothing that screams Rock and Roll quite like this handmade scrap metal piece of art.  Each piece is 100% one of a kind unique and guaranteed to please. 

The item is fully handcrafted in the USA.

Hand-welded from unique scrap metal treasures.  It can decorate your studio, or you can gift a musician you envy a lot. Makes the perfect gift for all those garage band members.

You can't play this guitar, but it rocks out wherever you'll place it. It's 42 inches in length and only weighs 25 pounds. You'll receive a unique guitar similar to the one pictured crafted from like materials.

Ships in 5-9 business days. 

The American artisans handcrafted a special piece with the Handcrafted Scrap Metal Electric Style Guitar Art

Inventory Last Updated: May 14, 2021